Strathspey ID + Tune-searching Questions

Strathspey ID + Tune-searching Questions

I recorded the below-transcribed strathspey at a Scottish fiddle concert a while back, but can’t seem to find it upon searching in a few places and fiddling it into TunePal. However, it’s probably well-known and I’m just a nitwit who can’t search tunes to save his life.

Speaking of which, I have two questions about tune searching that I hope someone might be able to answer:

1. It appears that to search the Traditional Tune Archive by theme code index, you have to "query the archive", but upon typing the theme code for this tune, selecting "strathspey" and running a query, I get nothing. Am I missing something?
2. These two are related. Searching the contour at JC’s tune finder didn’t reveal anything, and I’m not sure why. Is the search engine at abc searchable by anything other than tune title? I haven’t been able to find an answer.

Anyway, here’s my transcription of this very simple tune, and thanks in advance for the help:

|:A<BB>d e>de<f|a>ff>e a>ef<A|A<BB>d e>de<f|a>ff>e c<AB2|:|
|:d<Bd>e f<BB2|d<Bd>e f<AA2|d<Bd>e e>de<f|a>ff>e c<AB2|:|

Re: Strathspey ID + Tune-searching Questions

Could you put the music into staff notation? I can’t make much sense out of the ABC.