Tune ID

Tune ID

Can anyone help me with a name for this tune?

T:Irish Polka (Gan Ainm)
R: barndance
Q: 1/4 = 225
FA|: BEGE BEFE | ABAF D2FA | BGBG E2B2 | A2F2 d2A2 |
BEGE BEFE | A2F2 D2FA | BcdB AFDF |1 G2F2 E2GA :|2 G2F2 E2ef ||
|: e2e2 BcdB | A2F2 A2df | e2e2 B2c2 | d2f2 e2cd |
e2e2 BcdB | A2G2 F2A2 | B2G2 A2F2 |1 G2F2 E2ef :|2 G2F2 E2GA ||

Transcribed it from a Newfoundland accordion album, title given as "Irish Polka". Played as a polka, down in Ddor, decided to notate in 4/4. I suspect it could be a variant of another tune, a few phrases sound familiar.

Re: Tune ID

What, a whole 13 hours without being identified! Guinness Book of Records, here I come!
(Apologies, nfld, this is just me being mischievous).