Sessions in Rome!

Sessions in Rome!

Hello, All!

I’m in Rome for couple of days (staying till Wed 12.11) and looking for a session. Walked by the Druid’s Den last night and the bartender told me there’s a session on Monday at 10:30. Is that a popular one/anyone planning to visit this Monday?
Are there any more sessions you guys attend or would recommend? I also found a Flann O’Brienn. Would really appreciate any contact info for people who run sessions around Rome.

Also, I am a banjo player, but don’t have my instrument with me here.
If there’s anyone who’d allow me to use their banjo for a session, that would be really wonderful and I’d happily repay you in pints!
I can do some singing and backing in standard/drop-D as well.

Looking forward to seeing you guys!

Re: Sessions in Rome!

I haven’t been at Druid’s Den for a long time, but I remember a very good session and a very good atmosphere.
If the musicians I know will still be there you will have a good time for sure