Winter Trad Online

Winter Trad Online

Hi folks,

There’s a potentially very interesting online workshop on Sunday, 5th April. I’ll copy the text here.

Timezone: UTC+01

Winter Trad takes to the Interweb to alleviate your boredom and hopefully entertain you a bit. We’ve got the band back together from our 2018 spectacular to give you a marathon day of workshops and poor chat.

The whole day will be streamed LIVE from the Ross and Tom Facebook page and will be FREE! We ask that if you like what you see and especially if you learn something then please make a small donation using the links provided. Each tutor will be going twice so you’ll have two opportunities to lear, learn and learn some more!

Tom will start the day with a class in DADGAD guitar which will suit absolutely everybody who own a guitar. Try it!

We’ve then two of Shetlands finest Fiddle players back to back before one of the UK’s great flautists takes to the erm sofa for an hour to suit both classical and trad players.

Then we’ll do it all over again (Though maybe a bit differently!)

11am - Tom Oakes - DADGAD (Guitar) for all
12pm - Ross Couper - Fiddle 1
1pm - Kevin Henderson - Fiddle 2
2pm - Philippe Barnes - Flute 1
3pm - Tom Oakes - DADGAD (Guitar) Improvers
4pm - Ross Couper - Fiddle 2
5pm - Kevin Henderson - Fiddle 2
6pm - Philippe Barnes - Flute 2

Re: Winter Trad Online

This sounds awesome!!! Thank you soooo much!