Compass Records Spring Cleaning - $6!

Compass Records Spring Cleaning - $6!

4 pages - - -

Another Compass sale and one of the good ones, with some choice listens, such as:
"Vinnie Kilduff: The Boys From The Blue Hill" - highly recommended!
- & others, but I’ll leave that for others to further recommend… Alright, but there’s more than a few, here’s another:
"Seán Smyth: The Blue Fiddle" - pre-Lunasa
& a classic for the melodeon too:
"Tom Doherty: Take The Bull By The Horns"
- & Sharon Shannon, & - - -

& Also - Veteran Mail Order Mega May Sale

7 Days left - will close at midnight on the 31st of May

Avoiding a long list, just one recommendation this time:
"Tom Anderson & Aly Bain: The Silver Bow"

Re: Compass Records Spring Cleaning - $6!

I splurged on 5 CDs. Enda Scahill, Sharon Shannon, republic of Strings, but the best of the lot is Usher’s Island for sure. All-Star Line up on that one. I gave my first Usher’s Island copy to my 26 year old daughter. She seems to dig it. Good tunes on the way.