Another collection - an update

Another collection - an update

I know this site will meet the tune-gathering needs of most readers but, just for info, this is an update about another collection.

The Rude Mechanicals tune library is now available in .xml format* as well as .pdf and .abc. It holds over 3000 files - some Irish, plus a lot of English, Scottish/Shetland, Scandinavian tunes and misc. others. Mainly trad and/or anon, but some with known composers, inc. a few originals. They have chord suggestions added, and many are arranged for 2 or 3 parts - mostly written by the Mechanicals. We hope the .xml versions may be useful if anyone wants to import a file into another notation programme. The whole collection is at:

Disclaimer: the settings are simply as learned/played by the Mechanicals, who don’t claim that they are in any way more authentic or definitive than other versions.
(* Thanks to my colleague Ray Chandler for carrying out conversion to .abc and .xml)

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Re: Another collection - an update

Perhaps you should consider packaging the entire set of abc files as one zip file.