Virtual Session tonight

Virtual Session tonight

Howdy! For anyone around the world who’s in the mood for a session but can’t actually go to one, we’re doing a "virtual" session tonight, on Zoom. It’ll happen at 6:30pm US Central time, at the following Zoom link:

The way we do it is, during a set, one person leads and plays unmuted; everyone else mutes their microphone and plays along at home. (This is because it’s not possible to play synchronously with a lot of people at the same time, because of slight delays; it just turns into a big mess.) Then we all unmute and gab a bit, just like a regular session.

We’ve been doing this for a couple months now, and have a great crew of regulars from all over the place. It’s turned into a nice little community. Come join us! And message me privately if you want me to email you each week with that week’s URL.

- Ian

Re: Virtual Session tonight

Thanks Ian! Great fun. Sorry I had to leave so abruptly.