Buying on Bandcamp today

Buying on Bandcamp today

Just a heads-up that Bandcamp are waiving their cut again today, Friday June 5th. So anything you spend there all goes to the artists.

(The site might be a bit unresponsive today with the extra traffic.)

Here are some great albums I’ve picked up there recently…

All Covered With Moss by Alison Perkins and Nicolas Brown:

John Byrne’s Disco by Jayne Pomplas:

The Housekeepers by Doireann Glackin and Sarah Flynn

If you buy that album today, 100% of the proceeds will go to to MASI (Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland), a platform that is supporting people living in Direct Provision in Ireland:

There are some great albums available from Jack Talty’s non-profit label, Raelach Records:

Today you can get the entire catalogue at a 40% discount:

If you’re thinking about getting any of the albums on Raelach Records, I highly recommend becoming a Patreon supporter first:
(Patrons get some handy discounts.)

Here are the albums that I’ve bought on Bandcamp over the years:

And here are the ones still on my wishlist:

Has anyone else picked up some good albums on Bandcamp that they’d recommend people get (especially today)?

Re: Buying on Bandcamp today

I just got Claire Egan’s album. What with the recent thread about ‘underrated’ fiddle players, I’m looking forward to listening.

Re: Buying on Bandcamp today

Bandcamp waiving there fees again this Friday, August 7th. (Think thats the correct date) Really need to load up on some Scullys Fest music. Heres a smattering of some bandcamp artists ive purchased for play on my radio show on wtsq 88.1 Theres a few outliers as well, ha ha: