Freeman Tweaked—Missing in Action

Freeman Tweaked—Missing in Action

Context BEFORE YOU READ (please don’t post a comment with the following two content points/excuses below, I’m well versed from reading many views from here and Chiff and Fipple and personal experience to know…)

1. I’m aware it is common for whistle makers/tweakers to be a one-man-show (managing emails, orders, finances, and crafting instruments).
2. I’m aware COVID-19 has had an impact on the world, and that whistle makers/tweakers are not excluded from the pandemic and effects on production time, materials sourced, time spent building whistles vs. saving lives etc.

COMMUNICATION: I have had the pleasure of contacting and communicating via email with 15 whistle makers/tweakers in the past 4 months. Some, to build custom whistles (think Goldie, Clover Flutes, etc.) and others to request specific items. Each maker and/or tweaker has been responsive to email. For some, its within 6 hours, for others within 72 hours.

Mr. Freeman has not responded to many of us who have shared here and on Chiff and Fipple that we put in orders (and our money was taken), and we have contacted him multiple times in various manners (Ebay messages, facebook, etc.).

His entire Ebay store, which was showing many ‘available stock’ for tweaks suddenly went blank a few days ago, well after our orders were placed and money taken. My whistle for one was due to be shipped and arrived weeks ago. Certainly if an order is delayed, a person would have the knowledge and courtesy to communicate with the customer who has paid for the item(s)? And, especially if a customer has kindly reached out asking for an update, you would feel obliged to respond since they paid you for a service and you never provided it?

I’m disappointed to say the least, and I don’t believe I am alone. This frustration does not come from the delay of the item itself (understandable given Covid, his spending time supporting doctors etc.) but rather the silence with which he has treated his paying customers and who are requesting and deserve and update. I believe we must hold the situation to a higher standard than we are receiving. Paying customers aside, it is common respect to communicate. Even a generic message apologizing for the delays, and saying he will respond in 3 days with personal details. Then, a follow up of "I’m sorry for the delay, your whistle is #84 in line and I expect to be shipping it out in 4-months from now. I will let you know when it is ready; thank you for your patience."

Who else has ordered a Freeman whistle, paid for it, not received it after it was scheduled to be due, not received an apology or notice prior or post the delay, and not received an acknowledgement or generic response to their attempts to kindly and shortly contact him regarding their orders?

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Posts of this type, concerning various makers, have come up a few times on this forum over the years. Whilst I completely understand yor frustration and would no doubt feel the same in your situation, my first instinct is to hold fire. We (I speak for myself and the majority of us here) do not know his current personal circumstances - there could be reasons why genuinely *cannot* answer emails. I know nothing of Jerry Freeman other than his excellent reputation as a tweaker of whistles but I doubt that, if he were habitually slack in his communication, he would have acquired the reputation he has.

No doubt, others here have had direct dealings with Jerry Freeman and will be able to say whether this is typical for him or whether we should assume that he is in some kind of difficulty at the moment.

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I’ve spent the past three months supporting critical care doctors on the front lines of the COVID pandemic crisis. HUNDREDS of hours day in and day out with very little time to keep up with whistle work and massive loss of income while I’m trying to help keep people alive. (I’m a retired health worker, was office manager in a medical practice and my wife is a retired family practice physician.)

For the past two months I’ve written a more-or-less weekly email briefing that goes to 3,500 critical care pulmonologists providing them the most up-to-date information on what is saving lives in hospitals, plus a substantial amount of other networking and news media work.

Consistently, more than 700 critical care doctors open and look at my email briefings. More than 60 from the most prestigious hospital system in the United States, many from each of the present and previous hotspot states (Texas, Arizona, California, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, etc.), many more from all over the country and also a strong interest among the smaller numbers of critical care doctors I have contact information for in a few European countries (Greece, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands).

From the email service’s recipient tracking data I can see that often a single hospital or medical group will spend a day (or several) where numerous doctors in that institution click through the email’s links. I assume they are discussing the information among themselves and passing it along to other colleagues.

For the most part, my whistle customers have been patient. When I explain why I’ve been sidetracked, they pretty universally thank me for the work I’m doing to help address the crisis. Most of them tell me to take as long as I need to get their whistles done and in the mail and then are kind enough to let me know when they do receive the whistles, how much they like them.

Tonight I finished the email medical briefing that’s scheduled to circulate at 6:45 tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. It took 27 years to research and 40+ hours over several weeks to assemble, compose and format. Nine printed pages. 3,090 words. Title:

"A simple prescription may help at-home COVID outpatients recover w/o complication, easing hospital caseloads …"

If you’re interested, a downloadable PDF is available here (please feel free to circulate this widely; it saves lives):

I apologize for the delay in filling orders and the lapse in communication. I’m making progress. My eBay listings have been suspended because I’ve been too slow filling orders, so I have zero income except for a tiny Social Security check. But even with the near-overwhelming taskload working on the pandemic, I’m getting a respectable amount of whistle work done. Before too much longer I’ll be caught up again and my eBay listings will reappear.

Again, I apologize for the delay, and I appreciate your patience.

With heartfelt best wishes,
Jerry Freeman

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Thank you, Jerry Freeman. This is just the kind of behind-the-scenes situation that few of us are likely to know about.

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Thank you for the communication Mr. Freeman. I am sincerely glad you are safe and well. Thank you for your commitment to serving your communities’ health during this crisis. Thank you also for the update on your business. Stay well.

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Wow! Mr. Freeman, the information in your paper is astounding in regards to treatment for COVID-19.
I read through it once & will follow through on the links ASAP. Thank you! Stay safe & I don’t need to
tell you to keep informed. Best to all.

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Thank you so much for the information and update!

And most of all thank you for all the work you’re doing to save lives.