Claddagh Records Clearance Sale - Heads Up!

Claddagh Records Clearance Sale - Heads Up!

You might be interested - part of what was a 388 items clearance sale at Claddagh, 6 pages, now down to 343 items and 5 pages:

Mostly CDs, here are a select few of the DVDs - - - Dance first, Tutorials second:

DVD - Dance - Donegal couple dances:

DVD - Dance - Irish Set Dancing Made Easy - Tom Quinn & The Rince Cuchaillain Set Dancing Troupe, music by The Fodhla Ceili Band:

DVD - Tutorial - Paul McNevin: The Irish Fiddle - Absolute Beginner

DVD - Tutorial - Anthony Warde: Learn To Play The Irish Mandolin

There are some choice listens in this sale, good prices, and there are also a few duds too, IMHO… 😉

Re: Claddagh Records Clearance Sale - Heads Up!

Well, that’s just grand. My wife is going to kill me. Thanks ceolachan.

I found some real treasures and spent more than I should:

John Doherty’s "The Floating Bow"

Harry Bradley “As I Carelessly Did Stray”

Franke Harte “Daybreak and a Candle End “ … Wow. I thought this was out of print! If it’s traditional singing you’re after this is the absolute tops. Dónal Lunny backing on bouzouki… pure class

Sound of Coleman Country/Music from South Sligo

Mary Mac Namara – “The Blackberry Blossom”

Tommy Keane – “The Pipers Apron” — for €5 WHAT? Five Euro?!! I already have this, but it’s one of my fave albums, practically given away. Great piping and whistle. Worth it for the Clare FM "The West Wind" track alone!

Re: Claddagh Records Clearance Sale - Heads Up!

A choice selection! I wrote up a list of recommendations for others and all your choices were on it, and then some…