Carl Hession Compositions

Carl Hession Compositions

Hi everybody,

I thought it would be nice to have a list of compositions here in the discussion section because that makes it very easy to find it by making a search by the name of the composer (and the word "compositions"):

These are the six reels that Carl gave to me to post them here in the website, I only had to write them in ABC notation:

Sporting Galway

The White Plains

Threadneedle Reel

Brian The Tutor

The Chicago Coneely

Joanie’s On The Move

I found by pure chance these other two compositions from Carl that were already in the website:

The Rambles Of Mike

The Laughing Spoons

Not sure if lists like this have been posted here before but maybe It would be nice to do it with other well established composers in Irish Traditional Music like for example Vincent Broderick, Sean Ryan (the fiddler), Paddy O’Brien, etc. The only one that wouldn’t need to have a list is Paddy Fahey because just by typing "Paddy Fahey’s" in a search in the tune section will get the whole list of tunes. Maybe we could even do it for collections like O’Neills and the like.

All the best!


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fiddle player is Haley Richardson

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