Sean Ryan Compositions

Sean Ryan Compositions

Hi everybody!

This is an attempt of doing a list of all compositions of Sean Ryan the fiddler from Nenagh. It will always be very easy to find this discussion.

First here you are some information about him:

Wikipedia link:

And this is the list, please feel free to join in adding more tunes with comments to this discussion.

The Castle (jig)

The Nightingale (jig)

Dancing Eyes (jig)

Twilight In Portroe (reel)

The Glen of Aherlow (reel)

The Dooney Rock (jig)

The Blockers (reel)

Dash To Portobello (reel)

The Swan (hornpipe)

Seamus Connolly’s (jig)

Gooseberry Fair (reel)

Hogan’s Pass (hornpipe)

The 9th Of July (jig)

The Sparkling Sea (jig)

The Lonely Fireside (hornpipe)

The Sandhill (reel)

All the best!

Re: Sean Ryan Compositions

So many tunes I didn’t realize were his! This is great.

Re: Sean Ryan Compositions

What about The Siren’s Call?

Maybe that’s just a local tune from Nenagh?

All the best
Brian x

Re: Sean Ryan Compositions

The second cd of his 2cd collection is made up of him playing his own compositions.

(I can’t believe this came out 10 years ago already)

Re: Sean Ryan Compositions

Thanks for the information chaos97!
I will add all the tunes here from that cd anyway just to have the full list of tunes in this page.

Therefore a few more tunes:

Dan Cleary’s Favourite (reel)

Trotting Down The Lane (hornpipe)

Our Lady’s Bungalow (reel)

Jimmy McBride’s (The Haymaker) (reel)

Light As A Feather (jig)

Re: Sean Ryan Compositions

Sun Splitting The Stones (reel)

The Freehold (hornpipe)

Pat Lyon’s (reel)

Patrick’s (reel)

Martin Cooney’s (jig)

The Hawthorn Edge (jig)

Tapping Toes (jig)

The Leix County (reel)

Silver Lining (jig)

The Rosenallis (reel)

The Rock Of Dunamaise (hornpipe)