Junior Crehan Compositions

Junior Crehan Compositions

Hi everybody!

This is an attempt of doing a list of all compositions of Junior Crehan the fiddle player from county Clare. It will always be very easy to find this discussion.

First here you are some information about him:


And this is the list, please feel free to join in adding more tunes with comments to this discussion.

The Luachrachán’s Jig

The Mowing Machine (Reel)

The Mist Covered Mountain (Jig)

Farewell to Milltown Malbay (Reel)

Poll an Mhadra Uisce (The Otter’s Holt) (Reel)

Caisleán an Ór (Hornpipe)

Re: Junior Crehan Compositions

Angela Crotty published a book called “Martin Junior Crehan, Musical Compositions and Memories.1908-1998.
It has his tunes in and lots of photos and details about his life.
It might still be available. Try Custy’s music shop in Ennis, Ireland.

Re: Junior Crehan Compositions

"The Sheep in the Boat" is actually more like an adaptation of a trad tune by Junior Crehan.
It’s a jig version of the song air Annach Cuain.

Re: Junior Crehan Compositions

Of the tunes in Angela Crotty’s book, there are only three that Fernando has not listed:
The Stack of Oats (hornpipe)
The Thatched Cabin (jig)
Lament for the Country House Dance (air)
I don’t think they’re in the tunes section of this site (not under these titles, anyway).