Colin Farrell Compositions

Colin Farrell Compositions

Hi everybody!

This is an attempt to have all the compositions of Colin Farrell in one page.

Biography from his website:

This is not really a discussion, it is just a way to have the tunes that have been transcribed so far in thesession, all of them in one page. But please feel free to add comments with tunes that are still not listed in this page.

There are plenty of tunes to transcribe because Colin Farrell started a tune-a-day the first of January of 2020 with only compositions. You can find all the videos in his YouTube channel:
These are the tunes I could find for the moment:

Hugie Kennedy’s (jig)

Maureen Martin’s (jig)

Soho South (7/8)

Moolah Rouge (7/8)

The Drunken Acrobat (reel)

The Apsley Cottage (jig)

Joe’s House (reel)

Levenshulme Leap (reel)

The Square Pint (polka)

Up Mullahoran (polka)

Mary From Menlough (polka)

Niamh’s (reel)