Aoife Kelly (Concertina) - Ep 84 - The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast

Aoife Kelly (Concertina) - Ep 84 - The Blarney Pilgrims Podcast

We’re back and it’s a cracker. Here you go.

We ARE the source.’ John Kelly of Capel Street and Scattery Island. Hiding the fiddle under your jacket in Dublin in the rare oul times. Strange hornpipes, slip jigs, slides. Patsy Geary, Jimmy O’Donahue and Kilfenora’s three bakeries. The memory palace and preserving a life. Ireland, Australia, Tommy Potts posters and the evocative power of seagulls. Searching out the music in Darwin. Sydney, Melbourne and going back home.

Also, maybe young kids shouldn’t listen to the intro of this ep. There’s a bit of Santa chat in there they might wanna miss.

Thanks to Bill Martin of Geelong for helping make this episode possible.

Mary Brennan’s (after Aoife’s great, great grandmother from Scattery Island)
Hornpipes - The Ebb Tide and John Kelly’s Hornpipe
Jigs - Bimish Ag Ol, Patsy Gearys and Brian O’Lynn’s
Two reels - The Cabin Hunter and Delia Crowley’s
Three jigs - Scattery Island, Siney Crotty’s and John Kelly’s Slide

The amazing website Aoife created archiving the music and work of her grandfather, John Kelly, is here:

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