WTB Cittern, Buchanan or other

WTB Cittern, Buchanan or other

Hello all. I hope that you’re all OK in these interesting times. So, after a long time in lockdown conditions when frankly I haven’t had have much enthusiasm for playing, I’ve decided that I need to do more! Hence I thought I’d look for a new instrument.

I’m after a cittern which can be tuned in fifths - CGDAE or GDAEB.

I did have a Hathway cittern, which was a lovely instrument, but it was designed for modal tunings. I’m not really after that. A fitted pick-up would be a bonus, but not essential. I’d want it to be in good condition. I wouldn’t mind a few scratches and signs of wear, but it’d need to play in tune and be structurally sound.

(Yes, I’ve bought a couple of lemons in the past after being assured they were in good condition and played in tune, so I’d rather avoid that!)

I’d be particularly interested if there was a Buchanan cittern out there looking for a new home. However, I’d entertain other options.

Obviously, nowadays, it’d need to be sent by courier. I’m in South Wales.

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You might have some luck if ye post a WTB classified over on the Mandolin Cafe website - checking their classifieds at the moment the only cittern on offer is a Sobell in Yorkshire that was posted for sale at the beginning of the month, but a WTB post might ferret out some folks who’ve got a cittern languishing unplayed.

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You don’t mention what you’re willing to spend. You could, for example, check out Fylde citterns. The current price list for new ones puts their two models at £2,500 and £3,750. I don’t have one of them (nor am I on commission from Roger Bucknall) but I have other Fylde instruments and can vouch for their quality.

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Triplet upstairs - Thanks. I think I did join Mandolin Cafe some time ago, although I don’t frequent it much. I’ll go and have a look, although I suspect that maybe people without much posting record (like me) can’t post in the Classifieds. Thanks.

Bazza - Thanks too. I’d rather get a second -hand instrument for economic reasons! I can’t really stretch to those prices.

I’ll see if anyone does have an under-employed instrument which can go to fifths.