Capturing O’Neill - Francis O’Neill Dedication Pages

Capturing O’Neill - Francis O’Neill Dedication Pages

Help us build a crowdsourced Capt. Francis O’Neill online display-
We are looking for quality scans of signed copies of O’Neill books

Project details: With the Irish Traditional Music Archive in Dublin and the Ward Irish Music Archives in Milwaukee, we are looking for scans of O’Neill dedication pages signed by the author for an online display contextualizing O’Neill’s projects and publications on Irish traditional music in the larger Irish experience. This includes placing O’Neill, through his gifts of books and florid dedication pages, at the heart of the Irish Diaspora and its associated political and social movements at the turn of the century; before the 1916 Easter Rising; and through the 1921 creation of the Free State.

Do you have a signed O’Neill book? If so, we would love to include a scan of the dedication page, as well as your story. Please help us with this project by clicking on links to ITMA or the Ward Irish Archives for full information, or by uploading information and images to this online form. If you have questions, please send an email to Scott Spencer at, and please assist this project by spreading the word.
We will launch the resulting crowdsourced online display June 2021, as part of an international conference organized in Paris by the Universities of Chicago, Caen Normandy and Paris - Chicago as an Irish-American Metropolis.

You can find the project and the form for submissions at the links below

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Re: Capturing O’Neill - Francis O’Neill Dedication Pages

Thanks for posting about this, Hark! Several submissions have already come in, so hopefully more exist in the hands of members.


Jeff at the Ward Irish Music Archives