Whistle bag?

Whistle bag?

Anyone know where i can get hold of a bag/ case for my low whistles?

I have one which Goldie kindly gave me but it is burgeoning. Bursting at the seams.

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Make one yourself maybe? Even if you aren’t that handy - as long as it’s functional?

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Look for bags for recorders. Music stores have all kinds of varieties.

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Here’s mine, link at bottom.
Bespoke, to fit:
Low C
Low D
Low Eb
Low E
Low F
Low F#/Gb
Mezzo/Alto G
Mezzo/Alto G#/Ab

(I no longer own all of those sizes.)

It was made by a woman on Etsy called "CowKaren". It’s padded.

Here it is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-fQhvleWq8

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These guys are UK based… https://www.pinegroveleather.com/whistle

I have a hybrid of the large one which has 4 (back) and 7 (front) pockets. Really high quality of workmanship. Back pockets take up to Low-F without breaking in two. For Low-D/Eb you’d need to be able to disassemble (Burke style) for that case. Pinegrove likely would custom make a case given specific needs - call them.


Also the Belti 4-whistle leather cases on Amazon.co.uk aren’t bad. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B074PCCZLP/

And, if Low Whistles is the main use… this roll-case from Burke is very well made. https://www.burkewhistles.com/Roll-case-w-12-slots-for-all-keys-NEW-Improved_p_20.html


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Happycamper, if your bag is burgeoning you should hang on to it.

(Chambers 2014 edition - ‘burgeon - to produce sprouts or buds; to grow’)

‘Predictive’ spellcheckers sometimes come up with real gems.

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Lots of good suggestions above. Mine travel around in a camera tripod bag, with the longer low whistles in their own homemade ‘socks’ (apart from the Overton which is in the pouch it came in all those years ago), and the smaller ones in a couple of multi-pocket bags I picked up who knows where.

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For individual bags (1 per whistle), I’ve been well-satisfied with the Viking (Chinese) brand sold by Hobgoblin UK. Nicely padded & cheap.

Low whistle size:

High whistle size (not Bb):

There is an intermediate size I did not purchase:

Unfortunately, they do not seem to be carried at the Hobgoblin USA. However, if you order a bunch from the UK, the shipping total is often the same, whether you buy 1 or 4 or so, which cuts down the ultimate per bag/case cost.

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Search McNeela Instruments or contact Ojoyous on Esty. I have the low whitle case from McNeela and several cases of assorted sizes from Ojoyous.