BPM accuracy in ABC Navigator?

BPM accuracy in ABC Navigator?

My wife and I recently noticed that, though playing metronome BPM beats on our phones matched exactly, the BPM we were getting from ABC Navigator was noticeably faster. I had it set at 82, but according to my phone it was playing at 89 or 90.

Don’t know how many Navigator users there are out there, but if you’re one, please let me know if you have experienced this anomaly. Thanks.

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Re: BPM accuracy in ABC Navigator?

Have both a battery powered Metronome, and a Yamaha Keyboard which provides a drum and piano accompaniment. I never checked with any other device to see how accurate this setup is, but I no longer use the Metronome.

Get the impression that ‘tempo’ does not matter that much. Have you tried playing at a jam?

This is too simple not to try out!
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