Any experience with Humphrey low whistles

Any experience with Humphrey low whistles

I’m looking at Humphrey Low whistles, the F in particular. Only a little said about them here, but what I found seems pretty good. I have an Alba F that has too much back pressure for me that I will eventually try to trade or sell. I like the recordings I have heard of the Humphrey whistles. I have a Howard low D I can play without issue and hit both octaves OK (3’rd beyond my ability yet). I also like how the Howard sounds. How is the back pressure on the Humphrey’s? I’m in USA so that’s a plus, no conversion since they are here too.
There are two types: the Journeyman III and the Copycat whistles. Copycat costs more. Anyone played either or both? How do they compare?

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Re: Any experience with Humphrey low whistles

I haven’t played any of his whistles below an “A” whistle but I’m quite happy with what I’ve got. The back pressure is quite mellow on the Bb and A whistle I’ve got. I have a high D copycat that is quite nice but I’m not sure what the comparison is would be with a F whistle. I’ve found them to be fine instruments and they’ve gone right into my collection and have been used almost constantly.

For a comparison I’ve got the Stealth 3 and the Copycat. The main thing I’ve found is the Copycat almost has a toy-like sound because of how bright and forward it is, that’s not a bad thing as for certain songs it’s nice. The Stealth 3 sounds a lot more like an old Generation whistle. That good old time whistle sound. I’ve not tried his Journeyman 3 whistle but I’ve heard good things. Good luck!