Composers Index

Composers Index

Hi everybody!

This is not really a discussion, it is just a kind of index of composer pages that contain links to compositions transcribed in the session.

Maybe more people would like to do more of these and include them in this list.

I have opened 11 composer pages so far myself, using the discussion section of thesession as well. They are always in progress, there are plenty of tunes that are not included yet. Here you can find the full list:

Conal Ó Gráda Compositions

Mick Mulcahy Compositions

Colin Farrell Compositions

Pat Barton Compositions

Junior Crehan Compositions

Charlie Lennon Compositions

Paddy O’Brien Compositions

Ed Reavy Compositions

Vincent Broderick Compositions

Sean Ryan Compositions

Carl Hession Compositions

Re: Composers Index

Collin Farrell wrote a tune-a-day for an entire year for YouTube lol.
I wrote out a tune he wrote from his YouTube project that my band plays now. I think it’s beautiful. I’ll post it if anyone is interested but I don’t generally post tunes unless I see an important reason for some reason.

Re: Composers Index

In case anyone is interested, I have an index for the Fahey tunes on thesession based on Maria Holohan’s dissertation numbering. It’s basically a simple spreadsheet with the Fahey (tune type-No.) and thesession tune number. I also have links for a large number of recorded examples for his tunes (not all).