Josephine Marsh Compositions

Josephine Marsh Compositions

Hi everybody!

As I usually do, I open another discussion just to list compositions. This time the ones made by Josephine Marsh.

Please feel free to add tunes in this discussion. It would be better if we just add links to the music scores in the session. This is for the moment the only way to have a view of lists like these, it is not possible to filter them in the tunes section.

If you want to see more lists like this one, you can have a look here:

Re: Josephine Marsh Compositions

Thanks Fernando, what a shame we can’t add the composer to each tune, and then use the site to search for composers, speaking of Josephine Keegan that could be the next one, I just learnt a couple of her tunes and they’re great tunes.

Re: Josephine Marsh Compositions

You can search the comments of tunes by prefixing your search with "c:"

So if the composer of a tune is mentioned in a comment, it should show up in the results.

Here’s a search for "c:josephine marsh"

But other comments will show up too, of course. In this case, because people are commenting that learned a tune from a Josephine Marsh album, those comments show up in the search.

Re: Josephine Marsh Compositions

"But other comments will show up too"

And that’s the problem, it gives too many hits eg 300, it’s better than having nothing as I can see one tune already, but after you’ve gone through say 4 x 10 hits, you probably run out of steam to look at the other 26 pages

If you search for Charlie Lennon, you get over 940
if there a way of searching for tunes that contain "Josephine Marsh" and the word "composer" or "composed" that would reduced things down

Or if a Tab could be added within the tune itself, "add composer" to add a comment to the tune, where we put in the name and then it creates a new comment "Composed by: insert_name" then we could search by c:"Composed by: Josephine Marsh" the colon would make it cleaner to find the tunes add by the new tab, rather than any comments like I think this was Composed by Josephine Marsh.

Then all that’s left is to work out how to handle Paddy O’Brien

of course it would need some time for Fernando and everyone else to update composers name.

Re: Josephine Marsh Compositions

I just realised I’m killing Fernando’s objective of having a clean location to go to to find the tunes composed by someone.

Re: Josephine Marsh Compositions

There are seven of her own compositions on her CD Music In The Frame
They’re all great. I have made my own transcriptions of a few, including Anna Foxe, a delightful planxty. That would be enjoyable to play on any instrument. I would post the transcription here, but I asked and didn’t get her permission to do so, for whatever reason. Fair enough, of course.

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