Freeman Whistles on Broadway …

Freeman Whistles on Broadway …

In February I got a message from Julie Pacheco:

"My friend has some of your tweaked whistles and I recently had the pleasure of playing them. I would like to order some for myself. I’ll be playing in the pit orchestra for a new Broadway show that starts up in early March."

When I told her I could complete the whistles in time for the show she wrote: "Great! I would be so happy to play your whistles in the show. They sound beautiful and play in tune plus they match the sound/style the conductor is going for."

I sent the whistles, and a few weeks later Julie contacted me again to order another set of whistles for the backup players. I completed that set today and printed the shipping label:

Jason Howland
243 W. 47th Street
Barrymore Theater Stage Door

Then I looked up Jason Howland, Barrymore Theater and "Paradise Square" (the name of the production which, as it happens, premiers tonight).

Wow. Just wow. Seriously, wow.

"NEW YORK, 1863. AS THE CIVIL WAR RAGES ON, free Black Americans and Irish immigrants live and love together in the unlikeliest of neighborhoods – the dangerous streets and crumbling tenement houses of Lower Manhattan’s notorious Five Points slum. The amalgamation between the communities took its most exuberant form with raucous dance contests on the floors of the neighborhood bars and dance halls. It is here in the Five Points where tap dancing was born. But this racial equilibrium would come to a sharp and brutal end when President Lincoln’s need to institute the first Federal Draft to support the Union Army would incite the deadly NY Draft Riots of July 1863."

"Jason Howland is a musical theatre composer, playwright, conductor, music director, and producer. In 2015, he won the Grammy Award for Best Musical Theater Album for his work producing the cast recording of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. He also wrote the music for the Broadway musical Little Women."
~ Wikipedia

"The Ethel Barrymore Theatre is a Broadway theater at 241 West 47th Street in the Theater District of Midtown Manhattan in New York City. Opened in 1928, it was designed by Herbert J. Krapp in the Elizabethan, Mediterranean, and Adam styles for the Shubert family. The theater, named for actress Ethel Barrymore, has 1,058 seats and is operated by the Shubert Organization. Both the facade and the auditorium interior are New York City landmarks."
~ Wikipedia

Barrymore Theater notable productions:
1929: Death Takes a Holiday[52][304]
1930: Topaze[53][304]
1930: The Truth Game[58][304]
1930: Scarlet Sister Mary[55][304]
1931: Mélo[59][60]
1931: The School for Scandal[63][305]
1932: There’s Always Juliet[69]
1932: Gay Divorce[71][305]
1933: Design for Living[75][305]
1934: Both Your Houses[306]
1934: Ruth Draper[307]
1935: Point Valaine[82]
1935: Othello[308][305]
1935: Macbeth[309][305]
1936: Bury the Dead[310][305]
1936: Night Must Fall[87][311]
1936: The Women[91][311]
1938: Knickerbocker Holiday[93][311]
1939: No Time for Comedy[95][96]
1939: Key Largo[98][311]
1940: Pal Joey[103][311]
1941: Best Foot Forward[106][311]
1942: R.U.R.[312][313]
1943: Three Sisters[108][110]
1945: Rebecca[314][313]
1945: The Barretts of Wimpole Street[115][313]
1945: Marinka[315][313]
1945: Pygmalion[117]
1946: The Duchess of Malfi[119][313]
1946: Cyrano de Bergerac[122][125]
1947: The Telephone/The Medium[124][125][d]
1947: A Streetcar Named Desire[128][125]
1949: The Rat Race[316][125]
1950: The Consul[129][125]
1950: Bell, Book and Candle[133][134]
1951: The Fourposter[137][125]
1952: I’ve Got Sixpence[317][125]
1953: Misalliance[139][318]
1953: Tea and Sympathy[142][318]
1955: The Desperate Hours[144][318]
1955: Marcel Marceau[146][318]
1955: The Chalk Garden[147][318]
1957: Small War on Murray Hill[319][318]
1957: Waiting for Godot[320][318]
1957: Look Homeward, Angel[152][318]
1959: A Raisin in the Sun[155][321]
1959: A Majority of One[156][157]
1960: The Hostage[322]
1960: Critic’s Choice[158][321]
1961: The Complaisant Lover[160][161]
1962: Moby-Dick[323][321]
1964: The Passion of Josef D.[324][321]
1965: The Amen Corner[164][321]
1966: Wait Until Dark[167][325]
1966: We Have Always Lived in the Castle[326][325]
1966: Les Ballets Africains[169][325]
1967: Black Comedy/White Lies[171][172][e]
1967: The Little Foxes[327]
1968: Don’t Drink the Water[328]
1968: The Seven Descents of Myrtle[329][325]
1968: Happiness Is Just a Little Thing Called a Rolls Royce[330][325]
1968: The Goodbye People[331][325]
1969: The Front Page[174][325]
1970: Conduct Unbecoming[178][332]
1971: The Philanthropist[180][332]
1971: Ain’t Supposed to Die a Natural Death[182][332]
1972: Captain Brassbound’s Conversion[333][332]
1972: Don’t Play Us Cheap[334][332]
1973: The Visit[183][332]
1973: Holiday[187][332]
1974: A Song at Twilight/Come Into the Garden, Maud[189][332][f]
1975: The Night That Made America Famous[335][336]
1975: Travesties[192][336]
1976: Legend[337][336]
1976: Poor Murderer[338][336]
1977: American Buffalo[194][336]
1977: I Love My Wife[197][336]
1979: Romantic Comedy[199][336]
1981: The West Side Waltz[205][336]
1982: Is There Life After High School?[339][336]
1982: Foxfire[209][340]
1983: Baby[213][340]
1984: Hurlyburly[215][217]
1986: Social Security[219][217]
1988: Joe Turner’s Come and Gone[221][222]
1988: The Secret Rapture[225][242]
1989: Rumors[341]
1990: Lettice and Lovage[240][239]
1991: Mule Bone[245][242]
1992: A Streetcar Named Desire[246][242]
1993: The Sisters Rosensweig[249][242]
1995: Indiscretions[251][252]
1996: An Ideal Husband[254][255]
1997: The Life[258][256]
1998: Electra[260][261]
1999: Amy’s View[263][261]
1999: Putting It Together[265][266]
2000: The Real Thing[268]
2000: The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife[273]
2002: Imaginary Friends[342]
2003: Salome[343]
2004: Sly Fox[344]
2005: The Glass Menagerie[345]
2006: Ring of Fire[346]
2006: Company[277][278]
2007: Red Carpet Massacre[279][280]
2008: November[347]
2008: Speed-the-Plow[348]
2009: Exit the King[283][284]
2009: Race[349]
2010: Elling[285][286]
2011: Arcadia[287]
2011: An Evening with Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin[288][289]
2012: Death of a Salesman[350][351]
2012: Chaplin[352][353]
2013: Macbeth[354][355]
2013: Betrayal[356][357]
2014: A Raisin in the Sun[358][359]
2014: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time[290][360]
2016: Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science[292][293]
2016: The Present[361][362]
2017: Six Degrees of Separation[363][364]
2017: The Band’s Visit[294][295]
2019: The Inheritance[296][297]
2021: Waitress[302]
2022: Paradise Square[303]

Re: Freeman Whistles on Broadway …

That is seriously cool Jerry!