Andy Irvine’s Instruments

Andy Irvine’s Instruments

Just seen on FB Andy’s zouk and mando have been recovered - don’t know the full story but I can imagine his relief - my zouk once went missing for 3 weeks somewhere between Philadelphia and Albuquerque New Mexico!

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Nice to hear a happy ending! Well I suppose it depends on the condition they’re in.

Two Highland piper friends had their pipes stolen from the car park at a Highland Games back in the 1980s.

Both pipes were valuable vintage instruments.

Recently one of the pipes was listed on Ebay, being sold by a Pawn Shop several hundred miles from where the pipes were stolen.

The pipers contacted the Police in that city, and the two pipers and a Police Officer paid a group visit to the shop.

Both pipes were there, still in good condition, 35 years after the theft, and they were handed over to the pipers, who had brought various forms of proof.

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Great that Andy’s instruments returned belatedly. There’s no way to have a "spare" for those types of things.

If I was flying in the present times… no way I’d let my instruments out of my sight (easy with flutes and whistles).

@RDC - happy endings indeed! I was once told that the number one place to NEVER buy musical instrument was a pawn shop… invariably the instruments are left for a time in the window in direct sunshine and simply die from being desiccated.

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It’s fantastic news! Horrific seeing what’s happened to our airports, and instruments are such a personal thing they become like a family member.

Great news for Andy and hope we’ll hear them again soon!