Low D from Jerry Freeman

Low D from Jerry Freeman

Wow, was a little blown away by the size and wondered how I’d handle this thing. Brushing up on Piper’s grip and working with fingers to get a good seal is tricky. Here goes:
Got it in the mail two days ago and loving it. Was a bit worried about the stretch, but so far so good. Working with Piper’s grip to get all holes sealed. Slight movements unseal holes so, working on it and learning. Here goes:

Whistle almost got ran over because the delivery people propped it right up against the garage door. Luckily I got a whole whistle!

Re: Low D from Jerry Freeman

I’m intrigued by the idea, but not enough to buy one.

What is the bore ID?

I do have both of Jerry’s mezzo/alto G models, both using Generation Bb heads.

One uses brass tubing only slightly larger than the original Generation Bb tubing, the other uses rather larger aluminium tubing.

Brass: ID 15mm ratio 26.9
Alloy: ID 16mm ratio 25

Some ratios from other whistles to give perspective (the bigger the number, the narrower the bore as a ratio of the length)

c1980 Feadog D 23.3
C Generation 22.71
Bb Generation 24.8
mezzo/alto F Colin Goldie 24.99
Low D Colin Goldie 24.59
Low C Colin Goldie 28.33

So as we see the bigger alloy-tube Freeman Generation mezzo/alto G has a typical ID for its size while the narrow brass-tube Freeman Generation mezzo/alto G has a rather small ID for its size, the sort of ratio typical of sub-Low D whistles.