The 25+2 Collection

The 25+2 Collection

Sorry to upset the “non dot” players here but you can also get the tunes on CD and learn by ear.

This is project to commemorate 25 years of the Scots Fiddle Festival. The “+2” came about due to “lockdown” as the 25th festival was cancelled.
The main driving force behind the project is Adam Sutherland.

There are lots of fine tunes here contributed by previous SFF guests including Liz Carroll, Alisdair Fraser, and many more.

Well worth having. Many will be worthy of posting here in due course but I don’t want to do that just yet. It wouldn’t be fair.

Re: The 25+2 Collection

Aye, I know five of the tunes already (two taught at Beauly this year) but I’m intending getting the book and CD - a great way to support the Fiddle Festival and some great music and musicianship from what I’ve heard so far.