Name this jig, please

Name this jig, please

Does this fragment sound familiar to anyone?

K:G or perhaps E dorian or something (no C/C# in it)
BEE BEE | Bdf edB | BAG GFE ….
Bef gfe | faf edB | BAG GFE …

I guess I could transcribe the whole thing but it makes my head hurt and I don’t want my boss walking past my office while I am figuring it out on my whistle. BTW, can anyone suggest a sinecure, or perhaps a dead-certain tip for the races? <sigh>


P.S.: Hey Brother Steve, howyadoin? =)

Re: Name this jig, please

This is a great tune which I know as the Killavil Jig. I’ve been told that up around Gurteen in Sligo it’s always played after Brendan Tonra’s (also known as Tone Row’s). This is how it’s played at our session and we follow it with Ships in Full Sail to make a threesome.

Re: Name this jig, please

That sounds sooo dodgy.

Re: Name this jig, please

?-) What sounds soooo dodgy?

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Deine BAFFE kannste behalten, Du AFFE. =)

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