Good Fiddle Makers?

Good Fiddle Makers?

Hi all!

I am in the market for a new fiddle. Does anyone have any suggestions for a maker or seller? I am in the Chicago area.

I am looking for a fiddle with a rich, powerful sound… and pricing in the 3000-5000 range.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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In that price range, you might be better off looking at fiddles already floating around. Most of the good makers that I know of start at $7,000 to $10,000 and go up from there.

Just a sampling of some current makers—no endorsement implied:

Douglas Cox (in Brattleboro, Vermont)

Paul Bradley (Galway, Ireland)

Mark Hollinger (Missoula, Montana)

Jim Wimmer (Santa Barbara)

William Bartruff (Minneapolis, Minnesota) (photos and prices)

Gregg Alf (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

David Van Zandt (Seattle, Washington)

Hank Taylor (Tallahassee, Florida)

Wayne Beckman (Helena, Montana)

Mick de Hoog (Dublin)

Joseph Curtin (Chicago I think, or maybe Michigan—starts at over $20,000)

Carl Becker and Sons (Chicago) Their web site includes photos of a Cox violin, among others).

Also, here’s a listing of violin makers in all price ranges.

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Re: Good Fiddle Makers?

I’m not sure that Otis is a good fiddle maker - most people think he’s a great fiddle maker…

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I recently bought a fiddle from a luthier in Vermont, Marc Gregoire, and have received nemerous complements about the instrument. His price would likely be at the top of your range. His web site is:
Good Luck!

Re: Good Fiddle Makers?

Don’t overlook William Harris Lee Violins, 410 south Michigan Ave, Chicago,

I have one of his instruments and it is excellentand not terribly expensive

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Re: Good Fiddle Makers?

You might want to try Martin Brunkalla. Here’s his web page:

He is based in Chigago (or just outside) and makes a great fiddle with a very distinctive voice and they’re right in your pricerange. I just bought one from him with a Black Walnut back and sides. It’s a stunning instrument both visually and tonally.

Martin is great to work with too.

Re: Good Fiddle Makers?

From what I know, the general consensus is that Kuros Torkzadeh in Galway, and Mich de Hoog in Dublin are two excellent fiddle makers.
I haven’t seen any of De Hoog’s work but Kuros Torkzadeh’s is amazing.

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