Going to Willie Week.. Question about sockets…

Going to Willie Week.. Question about sockets…

Are the sockets the same in Ireland so I can plug in such and such?

Cheers and see ya there!

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The same as in the US? Nope.

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sockets in Ireland are the same as Brittain 13 amp square pin
_ _ Hope this little diagram helps.


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oops when I posted it cut out spaces i’ll try a different method

Earth pin |
L & N _ _

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Earth pin |
l…&..N.._…_ for the dots read spaces. I hope it posts right this time. Anyway you’ll get the drift.

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But bring candles as well. You never know … 🙂


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Don’t take ANY notice of the misinformation above, F.V.

EVERYONE (But everyone) going to Ireland takes a portable generator.
the spec you need is, typically:
Premium Plus 8750
13-HP Honda OHV Engine
7000 Running / 8750 Starting Watts
10 Hour Run Time @ 50% Load
Comes with Wheel and Handle Kit

Most airlines will allow this on board as hand- luggage, provided that it will either fit under the seat in front, or cram into the overhead locker. PLEASE make sure the tank is empty (Duh!), as a pool of petrol midflight often offends(!)
If you have a wooden musical instrument, for example a fiddle ( or as we traditional folk like to say ‘a Violinin’, this can be used for packing by the simple expedient of running it through a ‘woodchipper’ and packing the generator in it.

And, PLEASE think, what did you want to ‘plug in’, F.V.
The Rebublic of Ireland is a notoriously conservative country when it comes to sexual matters …

And remember –

Every year, people die in incidents related to portable generator use. Most of the incidents associated with portable generators reported to CPSC involve CO poisoning from generators used indoors or in partially-enclosed spaces.

Carbon Monoxide Hazards

NEVER use a generator in enclosed or partially-enclosed spaces. Generators can produce high levels of CO very quickly. When you use a portable generator, remember that you cannot smell or see CO. Even if you can’t smell exhaust fumes, you may still be exposed to CO.

If you start to feel sick, dizzy, or weak while using a generator, get to fresh air RIGHT AWAY. DO NOT DELAY. The CO from generators can rapidly lead to full incapacitation and death.

If you experience serious symptoms, get medical attention immediately. Inform medical staff that CO poisoning is suspected. If you experienced symptoms while indoors, have someone call the fire department to determine when it is safe to re-enter the building.

So a walk on the Burren could be just what the doctor ordered ..

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alternative 1: it´s not so far from Rhodes Island ti Ireland, so bring your own extension cable (and row, boy, row)

there are a few more environmet friendly alternatives like generator stands to turn your bicycle into a power plant … or take the 4th world generator which works with wooden sticks producing friction heat…

much easier: shops like radio shack have the socket adaptor you need

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Seriously though, if the idea of a generator seems environmentally unfriendly, a wind turbine might be just the ticket. Ask the friendly airline check-in people if you can mount it on the wing of your plane. Given the speend you’ll be travelling at, you should generate a fair bit of power very quickly. This will obviously throw up the question of where to store this electricity for later use on the Emerald Isle. I’d suggest either a large earthernware Leyden Jar (sometimes the old-fashioned ways are the best), which should fit snugly in one of the aircaft’s toilet cubicles, or, if that meets with resistance from the cabin staff, maybe you should consider building a pair of reservoirs. Use the power to pump water from the lower one to the upper one, then, on arrival in Miltown, simply run the water back down through a set of turbines and generate power as and when you need it. Whatever you do, don’t risk ruining your holiday by risking bringing the wrong plug.

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@ ottery
I resent being told that the information i was giving is misinformatoin. It is genuine help I am trying to give. The sockets we have in Ireland ARE as described 13 amp square pin. I tried to give a simple diagram but the website doesn’t seem to accept spaces correctly. The earth pin is at the top and live and neutral underneath. The pins are spaced as in a triangle. The earthpin is central vertical and the live and neutral horizontal below the earth pin. I am sorry if the diagram was confusing, I tried 3 times to show it correctly and gave up after the third attempt thinking it would be obvious what I was trying to do.

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I am sure Armand will appreciate your effort to give him the straight scoop, and also Ottery’s sense of humor.

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Please remember that also the voltage is normally 240 compared to us 110 ?, and is 50 cps as opposed to the us 60cps. It’s not just a case of having an adaptor because the sockets are a different format.
What are you trying to run ? Are we talking hair-dryer, battery charger,or something heftier and more sophisticated.
It might be cheaper to just buy a new transformer/power supply - in Ireland.

Or there was this story about the 4-star general who had to have his electric razor because he couldn’t stand the sight of cold steel…..

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Sorry Bernie,
I was just bitter and jealous of your diagram making ability.

I still think he should bring the generator.
Or the wind farm.

Or maybe some appliances that are clockwork and don’t require electricity.
Or maybe he should shave his head before leaving so the hairdrier isn’t needed ….


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Sorry Armand,
ok, I am a horrible person. I get bored, sitting here on my own. I start talking to the computer. Sometimes I can hear it talking to me, but that’s usually just the sound of the nurses in the day room, or Mr. Prendergast being restrained. Then I go on message boards on subjects I know nothing about, and try to fit in. To, well, to be part of something. Anything really. But sometimes, when the medication is getting low, or if I’ve managed to trick the nurses into thinking I’ve taken the pills, but really I’ve hidden them in my sleeve. Sometimes - times like then - I might write things that I know won’t really be helpful at all. Please, please forgive me, I’m sure they’ll refund you the money for the generator.


and feast your eyes on what was merely hinted at by Bernie’s elegant diagram ….


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or rewire everything you own.
remember red to black, green to red, and blue to bits!!

By the way geurnsey pete, what is cps??? do you mean the frequency like?? the Hz??

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I’m used to being misspelled, flanum, usually it’s the surname…
Yes, cycles per second, I know they call’em hertz now, I’m from the old school hence the old standards crop up from time to time, even though I can do everything in metric, which I know they can’t handle in the US yet…. Red Henry, of the amazing improved mandolin bridges, does his linear measurements in inches, but his weights in grams - what does he usually weigh on his scales ?

PS of course the Irish are now on the euro for currency, which is worth more than the dollar…

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Ah, it’s been a few since I’ve been online, but anywho, thanks guys for the information. It’s ok Ottery, it’s all good =P

Cheers and hopefully see you there!,