Jinxed is my third wife’s second name

Jinxed is my third wife’s second name

As I just learnt today, my July leave goes up the chimney due to office work pileup emergency. This leaves me more than frustrated, as I won’t be able to attend a guitar workshop with Andy Webster I was really looking forward to (sorry Alisdair - we will have to meet for a pint some other time!)

Seems like they will let me off the chain for one week in August, to soothe my bitterness. This will be between 13th and 21st, and I am quite desperate to use this week to its best and find a guitar workshop to improve my skills.

I am looking for one, preferably in Brittany, France, but might as well be anywhere this side of the Atlantic. Tuning is not an issue.


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Ahh… poor Janek!
I guess you already know about instrumental workshops during the 5-th Summer School of Irish Dancing in Prague, but in case you don’t: check (or czech) out the link http://www.rinceoiri.aktualne.cz/english/skola.html

They fit right in time, and there are some flute workshops as well (no, no.. I didn’t tell that)
To soothe your bitterness I have only a workshop performance of Split Rock that was done especially for your sake. Kuba may confirm. There should be a record available somewhere soon.

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Re: Jinxed is my third wife’s second name

Sorry to hear that Janek. It wasn’t very nice to give you such short notice. You will have to come along next year instead. They have a guitar course most years.

Best of luck in sorting out something else for August.



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Some years this just happens………
No.1 son has just been told he will have to do a 13-week course starting next week or they won’t give him any more Job-seekers Allowance ( unemployement benefit ) which will clash with the first two weeks of autumn term of his part-time Animation course.
No.2 child has just returned from 2 months in the US, was looking forward to earning a bit more cash and having the odd week of holiday with her friends before heading off to Uni, but has just gone down with Glandular Fever……..( Mononeucleosis to the yanks )
My Significant Other and I are now the only ones free and fit, her teachin finishing-up in two and a half weeks, me being part-time and casual anyway - there goes the summer…….was looking forward to some seaside, maybe a festival ot two….