UPDATE - Skip Healy’s Wind On The Bay 2005

UPDATE - Skip Healy’s Wind On The Bay 2005

Greetings everyone,

I just wanted to fire off a quick update about Skip Healy’s Wind On the Bay Flute Flute Festival (http://www.windonthebay.com) on Sept. 30 - Oct. 2.


We’ve received quite a few emails asking if there’s still a 30 attendee limit. The answer is yes. And, we do suspect that we’ll sell out this year. Several of last year’s attendees have already registered to return and the buzz from last year’s *very* successful WOTB generated several pre-registrations from newcomers. Skip is the keeper of the reg list, so I’m not sure how many spots we have open. If you’re interested in attending WOTB, I suggest you register sooner rather than later (see Festival Info below).


Our teaching talent this year will include:

- Skip Healy – http://www.skiphealy.com
- John Skelton – http://www.firescribble.net/flute/skelton.html
- June Ní Chormaic – http://homepage.eircom.net/~michaelandjune/
- Andra Bohnet – http://mithril.flyingfrogmusic.com/

We’ve also posted all the classes for this year:

You can register to attend here:

Questions? Need More Info?
I’ve cleaned a lot of the old messages off the board so info from WOTB 2004 won’t get mixed up with 2005 stuff. We prefer that people post their questions to the message board so everyone can benefit, but if you want to send a private email just use skip@skiphealy.com .

Evidence…errr….Pictures from Previous WOTBs

Some past WOTB attendees (and instructors) have asked us to supply promotional material that they can send to friends or print & post in public places. Here you go: http://www.windonthebay.com/promo.htm . These PDFs should open on any computer system.

That should just about do it. I hope you’re all doing great!

All the best,
John Harvey