How does one read tunes in the ABC format??

Re: ABC’s

The most painless way to "read" ABCs is to use some software to convert the ABCs to sheetmusic and/or soundfiles.

If you look under the "links" section of this site, you will find a whole category dedicated to ABC software:

My personal recommendation for PC software would be ABC2Win.

For the Mac, I recommend Barfly.

ABC software is useful for reading tunes in ABC format but I find it far, far more useful for writing tunes in ABC format.

By the way, do any Mac users out there know of any good OS X apps for ABC?

Re: ABC’s

I agree that ABC2Win is probably the best programme for writing traditional tunes. I’ve found ABCPlay excellent for playing back the tunes as it allows you to alter the tempos without affecting the pitch - a great feature when trying to get to grips with a more complex reel or similar dance tune.

ABCMus (Windows)

I love the way the tunes swing in ABCMus. Actually, i think it’s a good tool for learning tunes by ear. It’s not as complete as ABC2Win (it doesn’t display the dots), but the playback is a lot better, and it can suggest guitar chords for accompanyment, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Anyone tried the new version? Is it worth upgrading?