Liam O’Connor on CD?

Liam O’Connor on CD?

I was in Killarney a year or two ago and heard Liam O’Connor on accordion in a session in the Failte Hotel. I was amazed at the speed of his accordion playing, not having heard stuff that fast before. It was enthralling to hear him continually ramp up the speed as he changed key.

Does this kind of ‘speed-accordion’ playing style have a name? Is it rare or common (and I’ve just led a sheltered life)?

Anyway, I’d love to hear this again and would be very greatful if anyone could let me know if there are any CDs of him playing this kind of thing, or anyone else for that matter (though someone else in Kerry advised me that it wasn’t that common).

I’ve just ordered Myriad (Gerry O’Connor - 1998), but someone told me that Liam would have something new out, so anyone know anything about a recent album of his?

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I’m an italian fiddle player and I knew Liam in 2001 near Aosta, a city in north of Italy. Liam recorded in 2001 a cd called "Liam O Connor & Lisa Aherne" and I think you can get in in his web site. Regards

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Thanks olim.

I’ve tracked down his site to:

Let me know if that’s out of date and there’s a more official site, but the photos at least confirm we’re talking about the right guy. The blurb about the ‘concertina and box’ reassures me that he’s not your common or garden player… 😉 Ok, so I don’t know what an accordion is; maybe I should have just said ‘bellows thingy with keys’.

"Liam O’Connor, an MCA recording artist, plays over 20 instruments, was the All-Ireland concertina and box champion, and received the Beamish & Crawford Award for best all-around musician on 10 instruments. Liam has his own CD out entitled "The Awakening" with singer (and wife) Lisa Aherne."

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No, that’s not Liam’s official site is it? Guess I should be more careful. Anyone know what the official web site is? Or even an e-mail address?

Liam O’Connor on CD?

I performed with Liam in Aosta (Italy) 3 years ago and I just called him there to get the names of his recent cds. His last one was released almost a year ago, called ‘Liam O’Connor and Lisa Ahearne, Live at City West Hotel’. His cd before that was called ‘The Awakening’. Enjoy!!

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Thanks fidleir,

After extensive searching I too have discovered these names.

However, the big problem is actually obtaining these CDs.

Any suggestions as to where I might buy them would be much appreciated.

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I am currently trying with an e-mail request because they at least list "The Awakening".

If anyone knows a purveyor of this kind of thing who may have a more extensive catalogue, please let me know.

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I did a search recently and discovered Mulligan Irish Music
( I’ve found a few of this type of online store, but these are the first to have "Liam O’Connor & Lisa Aherne - Live at the Citywest Hotel". Not the 100% high speed accordion I’m really after from Liam, but it’s a good start.

Anyway the CD was delivered very promptly. 🙂

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I know Liam O’Connor and you might like to know that he released a new album last February
called ‘Live at Ronnie Scotts’.
His website is
Yes he is an amazing accordion player. As I play the button accordion myself I appreciate how
good he is.