Brendan Mulvihill

Brendan Mulvihill

Perhaps this isn’t new to anyone, but I came across three holiday concerts recorded at the Kennedy Center by Brendan Mulvihill, Billy McComiskey and Zan McLeod. Wow! Just in-case anyone’s interested, you can easily get to them through Brendan’s website. I’m going to be in D.C. this week and I can’t wait to see him at Nanny O’Briens.

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Re: Brendan Mulvihill


The Kennedy Center is indeed a great resource for online ITM shows IN THEIR ENTIRETY, as you’ve probably found out. I have taken several of these (Lunasa, Karen Casey, Mulvihill & Co.) and recorded them to WAV using my audio program Audacity. Now I listen to them as concert CD’s.

I take guitar lessons with Mr. McLeod and was actually at the most recent Kennedy Center Christmas gig. Were you there? Wow, what a show…Zan’s picking on "Dr. O’Neill’s" was insane. Billy is such a swell guy and an absolute maestro of the box, and Brendan’s not that bad either (gross understatement). However, I’ve noticed he’s a tad peculiar and I don’t get the same kind of connectivity with him during performances that I get with other fiddlers like, say, Martin Hayes or Brian Conway, Liz Carroll or Kevin Burke. He’s just a tad "distant", and I suspect he’s something of a "savant", but all around a greatly gifted and capable fiddler IMHO. His settings and renditions are unique and captivating.

If you’re ever in the Harrisburg, PA area, do drop me a line!

Sean Earnest
Camp Hill, PA

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