Hello there!

I found this site in an old list of links (mine) a couple weeks ago, and since then I’ve been back every chance I get. I posted some tunes and recordings and whatnot. But I just realized I never introduced myself to all of you!! Please pardon my rudeness. I was just excited to (re-)find such a neat site. 🙂

Anyway hi, my name’s Kira (or Trinil, I guess), I’m based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (i.e., way-north Chicago). I play whistle and theoretically bass guitar in a band here. We’ve been together a long time, we have a CD and we play out, but we’re not session musicians, really. What I mean is, we learned a lot of ITM tunes, but none of us had teachers/mentors/etc. to teach us correct ornamentation and style, none of us played ceilis even, so we missed out on a lot of ‘assumed’ facets of ITM. As a result I think we sound a lot different than what one would expect.

So I’m really happy to have access to the resources here, & to see discussions on, say, how to get a clear Fnat. on whistle, or where to put the D-cran in Ronde de Loudeac. Usually I only get to discuss these things within the band. It’s good to be here!


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Now you’ve made me feel guilty.
I only found this site yesterday myself and with the trill of it all I never introduced myself either.
My name is Bernard (Bernie) I live here in East Clare and Play the Fiddle, Mandolin and guitar and mess about on the box which I bought a few weeks ago. I play regularly in sessions here mainly in Peppers of Feakle sometimes in Lena’s in Feakle and May Kearny’s in Ennis. I have a web site up and running about East Clare Musicians which is regularly updated with new information as I get it. Please pay me a visit.
Anyway glad to have found this site and will pass information about it on to others.

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Welcome, both of you! Bernie, nice website. I’ve seen web pages devoted to Sligo and Donegal style, but not Clare.

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Nice to meet you both! Have a great time at The Session. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Hello Trinil and Bernie

Hi to you both.

Bernie, do you know Robbie McMahon in Spancilhill? I got Robbie’s Black Sheep tape after starting a discusson about Spancilhill on another forum… Frank McGrath got in touch with Robbie and gave me and others the whole history of the song.

Good to see you here.

Alice Flynn in Montana

Bernie’s Clare site

Bernie, I just looked at your site - very cool! The counter says I am visitor number one.. (could that be?).

On second look…

Just saw that Robbie McMahon is listed in your other musicians at the bottom of the frame, the names without links.

Kira, do you have a web site for your band?

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Great site, Bernie! I spent about two hours last night listening to tunes you have posted and reading through the bios. Never seen so many Ddorian tunes.

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1st let me say I had trouble with the site counter yesterday but its ok now counting again from 1.
Yes I do know Robbie but not that well, the reason there is no link is that I haven’t got round to doing him yet. All the names at the bottom are ones I intend doing as soon as I can.
D dorian tunes tend to be played more often here in East Clare it’s a throwback to when the C Concertina was popular here and anyway its a nice key to play in on the fiddle.

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Thanks for the welcome! Bernie, glad you could join me in the introductions. I haven’t had much time to explore your web site, but it looks great so far!

Alice, we do have a web site, thanks for asking. 🙂 It’s, but we changed designers and so there’s almost nothing there right now. :( I’ll let you know when it’s back up and running.