Report on the RMIMR (Rocky Mountain Irish Music Rendezvous)

Report on the RMIMR (Rocky Mountain Irish Music Rendezvous)

Hi Everyone,

We had a great time this weekend. Everyone was here.

We had Will Harmon, who couldn’t remember any tunes on Friday night, finally got drunk enough to remember some stuff by Saturday, and then sliced his finger open on Sunday morning.

We had Dave Lewicki, who still needs a hair cut, and insisted on playing flute all weekend, even though the phrase “you suck” didn’t seem to get through.

And of course, Eliot Jacobson, who kept whining about just about everything, especially sleeping on the floor. He also lead a flute player whining workshop, leading with examples such as “that’s not a flute tune” and “that’s not the right key for that tune.”

But of course, we were gracious hosts and can’t wait to do this again next year.

Dave and Eliot recorded a tune together to share with everyone here. This gives you an idea of the high callibre instrument exchange portion of the weekend.

Doug and Jane, as usual, were too nice and too spectacular, and were kind enough to leave us a week’s worth of tamales.

Till next year,

Aimee & Richard

Re: Report on the RMIMR (Rocky Mountain Irish Music Rendezvous)

LOL, “Rockin’!”

Sounds like the akali flats got in the way of the lads’ sea legs on Out on the Ocean. 🙂 Just think, in another year and a half, they’ll be able to play together and say, “Hey, you don’t suck anymore!”

What Aimee and Richard aren’t telling you is that they hosted nearly 20 people at their cozy 2-bedroom house for the weekend, nobody ever went hungry (buffalo burgers, gourmet salad, and Sunday morning’s awesome fry) or thirsty, they singlehandedly (well, the two of them) kept the tunes going hours on end, *and* provided free in-house triage care for the walking wounded.

I had a blast, and it was a genuine pleasure to meet and play with Eliot (a gentleman whiner if ever there was one), Brian, David, and Keith, along with the old farts I already knew.

Now, does anybody know how to extract a bandaid from a flute bore? ;o)

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Re: Report on the RMIMR (Rocky Mountain Irish Music Rendezvous)

Darn, I wish I could get an invite to that party.

I am an expat Coloradoan. And I can play the flute badly as well.

Re: Report on the RMIMR (Rocky Mountain Irish Music Rendezvous)

That recording is a hoot. Jam on.

Re: Report on the RMIMR (Rocky Mountain Irish Music Rendezvous)

Just got back.

What a great time! There were about a dozen great musicians, and about another dozen just partying and having fun. In the mornings we sort of improvised little lessons (I taught “advanced whining for flute players”) and the rest of the day was just fun and music.

I really enjoyed meeting everyone, this community feels like family, even when I play the “egg”.

For those who don’t know, this is a “house” festival, just like there are “house” concerts. It is open to anyone who loves Irish music (or not), and is held entirely on the property of Aimee and Richard in Cody, Wyoming (USA). Enough of these mega-festivals, with mega sessions. The house festival is the way to go.

Bravo to Aimee and Richard!


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One other thing…

The original post by Aimee and Richard was composed by David, Richard, and myself, standing around his computer this morning. I hope the self-slagulation comes through.


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