audacity-ous question

audacity-ous question

Many thanks to those who formerly posted advice about audacity; I finally got it down loaded and got it useable; it’s deep! It does a lot more than I’ve figured out.

I did manage to record one of our sessions and make a collection of tunes we play, so a new person could learn some of them. But in my delight with editing, I trimmed them too tightly, and I didn’t leave any space between cuts, so the collection of twenty four tunes sounds like one long set; can’t catch your breath in there!

And now I can’t figure out how to take the mp3’s into audacity and add a bit of silence at each end of each tune.


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full measure

It’d be best to duplicate your mp3 file and use the copy for practicing this.

Open the mp3 with Audacity. You might want to enlarge the track using the magnifying tool to be exact when placing the silence.
a) Using the selection tool, set the symbol at the point where you want silence;
b) Click at that point and a vertical line will appear;
c) In the menu bar, click on "Generate" and select "Silence." The software will generate about 30 seconds of silence that you can trim to length by selecting what you don’t want then using the trim tool—-the scissors symbol.
d) Set your cursor at the end of the tune:
e) Repeat the Generate/Silence process.

You can apply the procedure to alternate tunes or all of them.

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I learn by experimenting more than by following the instructions, so this is what I do…..

when at the end of the tune, I always have a habit of first of all fading out…usually applause, which is a nice touch left in. then I move the forward arrow ahead to the end and press the record button for about a count of four which is for me about two-three seconds.

Also, what’s nice is a little fade in, at the beginning, just a teeny bit so there is not an abrupt start to the next tune. Then save the tune as the aup.file, then export as wav. or mp3 or whatever.

If you think Audacity is deep try Nuendo or Cubase or Pro-Tools! Audacity is actually pretty basic…which is why I like it. For my needs it does a pretty great sounding CD.

What are you recording on?

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Good idea about the fade in/fade out, Iris.
Try that once you separate them, full measure.

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Why not record a few examples of applause from different sorts and sizes of venue, then you could graft one on to your recording. Nothing unethical about it of course; the media have been doing it for decades, and the media are nothing if not ethical 😉

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Ha Ha… how about adding in some canned laughter too. Good idea Trevor!

We record our sessions, most people are having fun with being recorded with some pretty great musicians, who have thus far loved their CDs. We use them for a fundraiser to support the session and music programs and are really thankful they let us record.. We’re documenting some amazing music down at IAANJ.

I set up some pretty decent recording gear, portastudio, condenser mikes etc. I have LOADS of canned applause at this point if you want some. I can convert to MP3 and send if you send an email address.

On advice of some great sound people, they say the teeny fade in is normally done rather than an abrupt start. It’s so minimal that you can barely notice it, but it softens the entry to the music. Going out it’s nice too…. to have the applause fading out after a great set of tunes is a nice touch that conveys enthusiasm for the music.

Try keeping it in next time, don’t clip it off. Then a few seconds of silence should make for a professional sound.

This gets easier as you go along. Audacity is pretty straightforward. I don’t like certain parts of it, like the noise removal, seems to do a sound removal with it. I also have a more complex program for better effects and cleaning up hiss better, called Diamond Cut. It was developed to restore old recordings. You can add many different types of reverb and bass etc. too. Mostly I get it all done on the porta studio mixdown though and Audacity.

are you recording for fun or trying to do some serious recordings… session recordings can be tricky if you are going for quality sound. We’re learning as we go about mike placement, trim levels, etc. loads of fun though….. you have to love it considering the major amount of time you need for editing later. Best rule of thumb, try and get as close to the sound you want as possible, right through the recorder headphones. If you get it right you will have little problem later in the final mix and EQ.

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I use CD Wave Editor
to split long wave files into individual tracks before burning a CD. It works quite well. You can also adjust the space (silence) between tracks. The individual files it creates are numbered for easy transfer to your CD burning program.

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Is this Milo a free download… seems the option to download OR buy is there… or do they let you download a limited edition free?

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Try Generate — Silence from the menu…

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Stewart….. How does Milo recognize the places to split long wav tracks into individual tracks…. I would love to run the Fostex multitrack recorder all night 3-4 hours and forget it. However the download later is eternal. Maybe would crash the computer I fear. So I jump up and down all night recording 15 minute segments or so. Sometimes I miss the start of a great set of tunes this way (though a few editing tricks with copy/paste can fix that if really worth saving) but it makes for easier work later.

We have no silence at our sessions for a program to recognize….. lots of talking, people trying to start tunes that may or may not take. So … does Milo need silence to recognize a space between tracks?

BTW… I have also gotten some astounding session recordings with the MZ10 (or the light up version MZ100) Sony Minidisc player. It’s HiMD mode I am in, not even the super best mode which gives you just one and a half hours on a Gig disc. I get 8 1/2 hours of exceptional clarity this way. But same deal, I cut it into 15 min. segements.

One recording I did on a lark with the MD, was a concert with one of the groups I play with, and it is so good we are using some tracks as a demo and it’s good enough (with a few more edits) to put out as a live CD. We’re thinking about it. I have also recorded other performances in a noisy pub that were super, just plopped the thing down behind us. It has that Sony stereo mike thing that goes in the top, great little mike, super.

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You all are full of good ideas, thanks! I am just recording on a little iRiver thingy, not going for anything beyond being able to remember a tune long enough to learn to play it.

Believe me, the quality of my fiddling has a long way to go to surpass the quality of my recording, which is way behind my ability to appreciate. But I’m having a blast, and have found some other folks to play with, at my um( "full of unrealized potential" might be a nice way to describe it) level.

So the purpose of all this tech is just in support of learning of tunes by people who have to work at it, but are determined to enjoy it at the level we’re at.

Thesession is a great resource, thanks again to you all. I will think on/try out all the ideas, can’t decide if applause or laugh track is best, maybe I’ll do both….no, silence is golden, I’ll go with that!