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  • Re: Tunes ID request

    I have a feeling that fiddler Sean Keane recorded that 2nd tune on one of his albums.

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  • Re: What is the tune?

    "Ivar The Boneless" was composed by the band's fiddler Tomas Callister. The third tune - "Llama Karma" - is listed as composed jointly by "Amini, Callister, Murphy".

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  • Re: “Uilleann” iPad app now with MIDI chanter support!

    Thanks .Michael, just an idea you might like to incorporate in future maybe. The ability to slightly tune the notes, (really the back note )gives a very useful effect, personalises the sound but also if that note is too perfect then it can blend and dr...

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  • Maggots: Three twos?

    An awful lot of maggots appear to be three twos. Could that be an explanation?

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  • Re: Words

    There was an extensive discussion on this term on Mudcat a while back. The evidence seemed to suggest that 'maggot' meant something very like our modern term 'earworm'. (FWIW. I have no canine in the argy-bargy).

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