Kevin Crawford & Cillian Vallely Explore Flat Pitch Instruments

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Kevin & Cillian @ The Mediator

Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford will be performing at a House Concert at
The Mediator
50 Rounds Ave
Providence, Rhode Island 02903

Cost:$18 advance $20 door

The Mediator Stage presents Kevin Crawford & Cillian Vallely of Lunasa. Cillian is one of the most respected uillean (pr ILLyun) pipers or Irish Pipers alive today, Kevin Crawford is the measuring stick to which irish flute players hold themselves - his music caused a torrent of interest in his unique tunes which sit so nicely on the flute. The ham on the street is that they will be exploring ’flat-pitched instruments, while the standard Irish flute is in D, they will be a few steps lower than than in C & Bb which gives the tunes a lovely sound. The Mediator is a great place to have an intimate concert experience with some really great acoustics. I’ll be your host with the most & look forward to seeing you.


please contact me (brad) at 401+710*9233 with any questions
make the checks out to Cillian Vallely, fo advance sales.

Ahh, this sounds like fun… I wonder how long it would take to walk from Texas to Rhode Island…