The Next Generation

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The Next Generation:

Sean McComiskey, box player, son of Billy McComiskey lives and performs in the Baltimore - Washington DC area.

Katie Linnane, fiddle protege of mom, Kathy Linnane, Willie Kelly and Patrick Ourceau. She’s also a champion step dancer. From Pearl River NY, Katie is a enrolled at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT.

Matt Mulqueen, a protege of Donna Long, vamps on piano around the Baltimore ITM scene. Also a step dancer, fiddle and box player, Matt rounds out The Next Generation.

Matt Mulqueen dancing and playing the fiddle?

haha….got a question from someone wondering when i started step dancing and playing the fiddle. i was pointed to this page. hehe….i don’t dance or play fiddle (though I tried to play fiddle once…it hurt).