Joey Abarta’s Irish Music Benefit Extravaganza

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Hello all my friends,

I am putting on a concert in a couple of weeks to raise money to go to Ireland. In the genre of music I play there are competitions for musicians. On one of my last trips to the mid-west, east coast, and Canada, I entered one of these, and to my great surprise, I won. Those were only the semi-finals. The world championships are in Ireland and you have to pay your own way to get there. Once again I need to ask all of my friends for their support. I only have one thing to give in return, my music. I have asked my friends, the best players in Los Angeles, to donate their time to perform with me and put on a concert to raise enough money to get me to Ireland to compete. This evening of the traditional Music, Dancing, and Songs of Ireland will be a great night of entertainment and is surely not to be missed.

Thank you my Friends,

Joey Abarta

50/50 RAFFLE

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