‘Round The House And Mind The Dresser’ Traditional Irish Music Exhibition

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Cavan County Museum in association with Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann 2010 is proud to present a new and exciting exhibition entitled ‘Round the House and Mind the Dresser’ which will give visitors a detailed and interactive experience of the history and culture of Irish Traditional Music Song and Dance from the 1700s until the present day.

Irish traditional music, song and dance is regarded worldwide as a vibrant example of a ‘living’ tradition. Its journey from its humble roots in the homes and crossroad dances of rural Ireland to its international influence today defines it as an animated and evolving cultural phenomenon. Common themes of the music including daily living, romance, struggle, nature and landscape are still prevalent in today’s society. It is a gift to us from our ancestors, and its popularity ensures it is very much alive and growing.

The exhibition will feature both historic and contemporary photographs and text showcasing the tradition and there will also be historic instruments on display. Visitors will have an opportunity to explore a reconstruction of an early 20th century country home at one end of the gallery, while on the other end they will have the opportunity to handle and play various instruments relating to the tradition. There will also be an interactive video explaining to visitors of the different types of tunes that are commonly played, and a section of the exhibition space will also showcase the history of the tradition in Cavan. There will also be weekly sessions throughout the summer at the museum with traditional music, dance and storytelling.