Cascadia Irish Music Week

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Cascadia Irish Music Week

Registration is now open for the first Cascadia Irish Music Week, August 11-16, 2013 at Camp Casey Conference Center, Whidbey Island, Washington. We hope you can join us for a week of traditional Irish music in one of the most beautiful seaside settings imaginable. Fiddler Randal Bays is our Program Director and he has assembled a mighty teaching staff, including:

Antoin MacGabhain - fiddle
James Kelly - fiddle
Randal Bays - fiddle
Daithi Sproule - Guitar and song
Mary Bergin - tinwhistle
Sean Gavin - flute
Johnny Og Connolly - button accordion
Florence Fahy - concertina
plus special appearances by some stellar Pacific Northwest musicians
Dale Russ - fiddle
Tom Creegan - uilleann pipes
Leo McNamara - flute

Cascadia Irish week lineup

This was the main subject of discussion at the party I went to last night. Seems to good to be true… Mary Bergin?? James Kelly?? All I can say is wow. Right here in the northwest. Thank you, thank you for putting this together.

Lineup at Cascadia

Thanks, John. We’re delighted to have so many incredible Irish musicians coming here. Camp Casey and the area around it are so beautiful, and the weather should be lovely. We’ve had an excellent response already, a great show of support. I hope you can make it.

Venue info

Any birders out there are also in for a real treat! Whidbey Island is a birder’s paradise.
Randal Bays, our Program Director, has out done himself with this location. Like the Friday Harbor camp, you arrive by ferry. But unlike Friday Harbor, one can also drive in from the north and avoid the ferry 🙂
Lots of options are available for housing on the island…from posh B&B’s (in Coupeville and Port Townsend), to the on-site/updated Camp Casey barracks. Unlike your college days, you’ll have your own room (use the "extra" bed to store your instruments) and the deck, lounge area or the Camp’s vast grounds and shoreline to practice your newly learned skills. This will be the middle of August remember. Unlike the rest of the country which gets two months of summer, the PNW gets two weeks…and CIMW is smack in the middle of it 🙂 Our days should be warm and sunny, but being on the water, the evenings will be cool.

My problem is trying to decide on which three classes I want to register for!

Scholarship available for Cascadia Irish Music Week, Aug. 11-16, 2013

One more full scholarship is available for the Cascadia Irish Music Week, Aug. 11-16, 2013 on Whidbey Island, Washington. The scholarship is open to all instruments taught at the camp. This is a full scholarship, covering all tuition and fees, plus lodging and food. It does not include transportation to and from CIMW. Students under 18 years old will be required to come with an adult, who will be responsible for their own costs including meals, lodging, and tuition if taking classes.

Instructors at the camp include James Kelly, Antoin MacGabhann, Randal Bays - fiddle; Sean Gavin, flute; Mary Bergin, tinwhistle; Johnny Og Connolly, button accordion; Daithi Sproule, guitar; Florence Fahy, concertina. This is a wonderful opportunity for any young musician seriously interested in the Irish tradition.

We’re looking for someone 24 years old or younger who is serious about playing traditional Irish music, and can demonstrate advanced musicianship in the Irish style. If you’re interested in applying, please record a reel and a jig, both unaccompanied, attach the file (preferably an mp3) and send to If all that is technically beyond you, email us anyway and we’ll make some arrangement to hear you play.

There is no deadline for applying. We will award the scholarship as soon as we feel we have the right applicant.



I hope this will be an annual event because I can’t make it this year. But I can start planning for next year now. Plus in a year I will be in real need of people of seasoned experience.