Fleadh Na Breataine

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Fleadh Na Breataine

Traditional Irish music competitions in all instruments. Qualifiers from the four regions of Britain will compete to play in the All Ireland. There will be a ceili at the Students Union on Saturday night, also music and singing sessions. Competitions and sessions will be on Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. This Fleadh only comes to the North of England once in four years.
Come and listen. Come and play. Come and help. You will enjoy the craic.


Slight change from the front page of this. The email address is preston@comhaltas.net


Ok. You should all come to this! There’s going to be plenty of music going on over the weekend. We’ve got a couple of local pubs, The Unicorn and The Moorbrook both on North St (they’re next door to each other), that are opening up over the weekend- particularly the Saturday night. In the Unicorn we’ve got the upstairs room so it’s suitable for families and hopefully we’ll have the downstairs bar too. The Moorbrook it’s the downstairs room and the landlord says he’ll move all the snooker tables so we can have more space if lots of people are going to come. There’s also going to be a session, a singaround, a youth session and a Ceili at UCLAN student’s union. So loads going on!

Of course, as Eber Finn said above, the Fleadh is officially a set of competitions. So there’ll be musicians coming from all over England, Scotland and Wales to compete on the Saturday afternoon and Sunday. All these competitiors have already competed in their regional and come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their competition/s. Come along and listen- it’s like a cheap concert where you can choose what instruments you listen to 🙂

Hope to see some of you there! Please, please, please email me or the email address above if you want more info- or want to help over the weekend for a free wristband and meal 🙂

Saturday Night Ceili ~ ‘53 Degrees’, Fylde Road

The venue for the Saturday night ceili, ‘53 Degrees’, Fylde Road, is only a short walk, just across the road from the main venues of the Greenbank & Harrington Buildings. ‘53 Degrees’ is split into two parts, the largest, with a capacity of over 1,000, is blessed with a "sprung-wooden-dance-floor"… There’s also a 15.25 meter/50’ stage and a mezzanine area to oversee the goings on. The venue also has a smaller ‘Club’ area which includes a stage, a dance floor and a DJ booth.


Saturday night

The Castlemor Ceili Band will be playing for the ceili on the Saturday night. Admission also allows entry to the senior session, the junior session and a singers’ session all in the Students Union.
The two pubs Roiosin mentioned are where we hold our monthly sessions, the second Sunday of the month at the Unicorn, 4pm -7pm, and the 4th Thursday of the month an evening session at the Moorbrook. They are both within 5 minutes walk of the Fleadh venue.