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Mari Black

An internationally-acclaimed performer, Mari is equally at home in a wide variety of musical traditions. She has been featured at Celtic Highland Games, Argentine tango festivals, folk festivals, jazz concert series, and world-famous Western Classical concert venues including Carnegie Hall. Mari has appeared with artists such as Mark O’Connor and Willie Ruff in live performance and national media broadcast, including Fox and CBS morning news and NPR’s “Here and Now.”

While her solo shows combine selections from different genres and original pieces with multiple stylistic influences, Mari has also proven herself a master of many distinctive musical traditions in their pure form. She is the reigning Maritime Fiddle Champion, the third U.S. fiddler to capture the title, and the 2011 Canadian Open Novelty Champion, the second U.S. fiddler to hold that title. In the past two years alone, Mari has also won top awards from the Alexander & Buono International Competition (Western classical), the American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition (Western classical), the Scottish F.I.R.E. National Championships (Celtic), the Northeast Regional Scottish Fiddle Championships (Celtic), the Canadian Maritime Fiddle Championship (Canadian fiddle), and the Music Teachers National Association (Western classical). Other career highlights include two Alternative Styles Awards from the American String Teachers’ Association (all styles), junior champion of the Northeast Fiddlers Association Championships, and the youngest fiddler ever to win the All-New England Fiddle Contest. Mari has been featured as a concert soloist with many New England orchestras including the New England String Ensemble and the Boston Virtuosi, and has played concerts in Canada, China, Korea, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, and France.

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