Fiddlingscool with Gregor Borland

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Fiddlingscool with Gregor Borland

Traditional Scottish fiddle week with Gregor Borland (fiddlingscool)
Come and learn the technique, tunes and the styles of Scottish fiddle with 8 times
Scottish champion Gregor Borland.
Gregor is a former pupil of 2 of the Scottish Greats, Donald Riddell & the legendary Hector MacAndrew.
A highly regarded exponent of the Scottish style, Gregor is sought after to perform and teach all over the world, but he has always been determined to ‘bring the style back home’ so he holds 2 fiddle cams in the heart of Scotland each summer.
He teaches Strathspeys, Pipe Marches, jigs and reels from the old great composers, but also quite a few new tunes.. he mainly concentrates on technique, something overlooked these days.. numbers are tight so book while you can.

Correction to date

Originally given as June, I believe it is actually running from 6-13th July, and have amended this accordingly! Hope that’s right…