Janie’s Jumpstart Weekend: Fiddle Styles Intensive

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Janie’s Jumpstart Weekend: Fiddle Styles Intensive

Friday, October 31st thru Sunday, November 2nd
Janie’s Jumpstart workshop in Bothell, a weekend intensive fiddle workshop with small class sizes and lots of time with instructors. Three traditions are offered:
—Old Time (Janie Rothfield, Philadelphia)
—Bluegrass (Blaine Sprouse, San Francisco)
—Cape Breton/Scots/Irish (Susan Burke, Seattle)
and WB Reid will be helping out with accompaniment. Three to four years’ experience with violin or fiddle preferred. No knowledge of the specific traditional genre necessary.
More detailed information at http://www.janiesjumpstart.com

This is a (not-inexpensive) weekend workshop, not a session—miscategorized?

Not much Irish emphasis, either.

arrgh—not miscategorized, my error

I will stick by my other comment, though.