Button boxes and Moothies 2015

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Button boxes and Moothies

A weekend event to celebrate the traditional music of Scotland, England and Ireland, played on "free-reed" instruments, including both English and Anglo-system concertinas, button accordions, melodeons, harmonicas / mouth organs, and also "Jew’s harp".
There will be a one-day conference [ Fri.6th ], followed by a series of concerts, workshops, a ceilidh and informal sessions over the weekend.

Guests include :

Alistair Anderson [ English concertina ]
John Spiers [ melodeon, Anglo concertina ]
Will Pound [ harmonica ]
Michael Wright [ Jew’s harp ]

Roisin Broderick [ Anglo-concertina ] & Noel Battle [ mouth-organ ]
Mary Mac Namara [ Anglo-concertina ]
Brendan Begley [ melodeon / button accordion - and maybe even a few songs ]
Jerry O’Reilly [ set-dancing ]

Wendy Stewart [ English concertina ]
George Currant [ mouth-organ ]
The Ness Melodeon band [ 9 [?] melodeons ]

The full programme of concerts, workshops and sessions is nearly complete - more details to follow.

The whole event is organised by Aberdeen University’s folk-lore research department, the Elphinstone Institute - the link below should work :

http://www.abdn.ac.uk/elphinstone/publi … convention

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Link doesn’t seem to work - I’ll come back to this later.

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