Irish, Cajun, and Long-bow Fiddle Styles Workshop by Doug Goodhart

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Irish, Cajun, Brittany, Long-bow, and Other Fiddle Styles Workshop by Doug Goodhart with Free Session to Follow

Master fiddler, Doug Goodhart, teaches the difference between popular multicultural fiddle styles from Ireland, Mexico, Louisiana, and Appalachia in this dynamic workshop. Students as well as professionals will acquire a wider pallet of expression and broader view of the possibilities of the fiddle. Cost: $12.00 cash or check only at the door, or $14.00 inclusive advance tickets from Brown Paper Tickets. A free multi-cultural fiddle and general session to follow.

Goodhart is a master of multiple fiddle techniques and styles, who has studied, performed, and taught world music for the last 35 years. He has studied fiddle in Mexico, Ireland, France, and Appalachia. Doug was the director of the Center for World Music, and has been on staff at Zoukfest, a popular Celtic and eclectic music week in New Mexico, where his classes are highly rated by students.

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