Play it By Ear - session tunes

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Play it By Ear - session tunes

Learn essential repertoire and acquire the skills you need to play confidently in traditional pub sessions This sociable course will develop musicianship and folk style, whatever instrument you play!

I’ll be picking some of the best-loved tunes from across the British Isles and to cater for different levels of experience there will be two fortnightly groups, with the option to attend both if you’re a total PiBE addict!

Group one: Easy-ish tunes played at a steady pace in melodeon-friendly keys (G/D and E & A minor). I’ll be teaching slowly with plenty of repetitions and we’ll keep to one or two new pieces each week..

Group two: More adventurous melodies aimed at players with some experience of sessions. The pace of learning will be faster than group one and we’ll end up with some cracking session-ready sets.
The repertoire will be entirely new to PiBE, but I won’t be hunting for obscure tunes this time! Do send in requests if there’s any you’d like included in the course.

Provisional dates:
Group one: 20/9, 4/10, 18/10,8/11, 22/11, 6/12, 13/12
Group two: 27/9,11/10, 1/11, 15/11, 29/11, 13/12

Venue: The Pilgrim Centre, Dale Street, Craven Arms SY7 9PB
Time: 7.30 to 9.30 pm
For the final week of term, both groups will combine and we may change the venue.

Group one only £42 (7 weeks)
Group two only £36 (6 weeks)
Both groups £66 (12 weeks)
New to PiBE? You’re welcome to attend up to 3 taster sessions @ £7 per week.

As usual videos & sheet music will be e mailed to everyone after each class.
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